Now you can budget by categories!

by catherine

We’ve recently updated our budgeting feature!

Originally, if you were a subscriber to our premium features, you were able to set ONE single budget. We recently updated it so that you can set multiple budgets! We hope it helps you keep track of where your money is going.

If you’re a subscriber, when you log in, click on the “budget” button next to “income”. This should take you to a page that says

“It’s November. How much you want to spend this month? In addition, it also shows you how much your budget was for last month.


First, you can set a monthly TOTAL. Enter in your budget for the month – let’s say $400. Remember to click  on the “update your categories” button, otherwise, your budget will not be saved. Once you set your total for the month, you can then break down your TOTAL monthly budget into categories by clicking on the “add another category” drop down list. The drop down list allows you to choose from the different tags you have created so far. For example, I want to set my transportation budget for the month. I click on the drop down list and look for “transportation”. Once I see the tag “transportation”, I can then set a budget for that category. Let’s say I also want to budget my “dinners” for the month. I look for the category “dinner” in the drop down list and add it to my budget. Once you’ve identified all your categories you want to budget for, click the “set your budget” button and this should update your budget page. You can then drag the arrows left and right to adjust your budget accordingly. This will enable you to be more flexible with your money. Maybe you figured out that you budgeted too much or too little money for transportation, so use the arrow to either increase or decrease your transportation budget. You can also remove categories from your budget by pressing the “remove” button under the category name. I forgot to mention that if you need to create a new category for your budget, but don’t see it on the drop down list, create a new #hashtag and it should show up on your drop down list.

Once you start keeping track of your expenses, you can see your budget numbers moving according to the money you spent so far. Remember, you can always edit your budget, anytime. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure this budgeting tool works for you and helps you reach your financial goals!

  • juliaL49

    Love this feature but it is a little clumsy to readjust all the sliders once you have changed the total.
    It would be useful to copy the budget of the previous month or to enter amounts for each category (the remainder would be “other”).

    PS: Wasn’t there a feature request page? I cannot find it anymore.

    • Corey Maass

      Totally agree. I’ll be simplifying the budget tool soon.

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