11 Holiday Gifts That Give Back

by KC Beavers

Holiday Gifts that Give Back

During the holidays, some of the very best gifts to give are the holiday gifts that give back and keep giving to others. Every time you purchase a gift that gives back, you help make this world a better place. Make this an extra special, life-saving holiday season for all. I put together a list of several great companies that can help you in your attempts to be more giving during this holiday season.
1) The Hunger Site - In addition to being able to donate daily with a just a click of your mouse for a wide variety of charitable causes, you can also purchase jewelry and clothing as gifts with partial proceeds going to helping others.
2) One Hope Wine - When you make a gift purchase here, half the proceeds will go to Provide Clean Water. This charity helps bring safe and clean drinking water to developing nations. Lack of basic sanitation kills more people every year than violence and war. Provide Clean water has helped more the 20 developing countries and over 6,000 water projects helping more than 2.5 million people.
3) The Giving Keys - This charitable cause employs people who are transitioning out of homelessness. All keys have a unique message like dream, strength and courage. Once the gift receiver finds someone who needs the message more than they need it, the wearer must give the key to that person.4) Save the Children - It is beyond true that children truly are our future. We must treat them well and what better way to do this than to give a gift that gives extra care to a child in need. Help a child receive health care, education and more.5) World Wildlife Fund Animal Umbrella - If you have friends or loved ones who love trendy, cute umbrellas check out this site. Purchase one and help support the WWF continue their global conservation efforts.

6) UNICEF Inspired Gifts - Make a donation in honor of a friend or loved one and send them a personalized gift card to let them know. Every single day 18,000 children die from preventable causes. This holiday season and every holiday season, help save countless lives.

7) fashionABLE scarves - The mission of fashionABLE is to eliminate poverty and create opportunities for vulnerable women. Purchase a beautiful, stylish scarf and help create sustainable business in Africa. It is a purchase you will always remember.

8) Hand in Hand Sustainable Suds - For every bar of soap purchased, 1 month of clean water will be donated and 50 square feet of rain forest will be saved. This is truly an incredible charity gift that keeps on giving.

9) Far & Wide Collective - Purchasing a gift from here, helps empower women. Choose from a wide variety of jewelry, clothing and home decor.

10) 7 Hopes United Fair Trade Gifts - The purchase of just one fair trade gift per year can help one million families who are currently living in a state of poverty. Search for table linens, handbags, and more. The gift idea tab will definitely help you find the perfect present.

11) Heifer International - There are many people who survive on small farms. Giving a goat as a gift to a family in need can help feed them for countless days to come. Goats provide butter, cheese, milk, wool and fertilizer. Help save a family and make this an unforgettable holiday season.

From all of us here at The Birdy we hope you are able to have a wonderful holiday season and hope that you can use some of that hard earned cash you have been saving all year long to help someone else in the world. If you know of any other great companies that help give back like these above please feel free to list them in the comments.

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