by corey

Sorry it took so long to add this. Now when you’re adding your purchases on the site, it’ll help you remember your favorite tags. Now it’s even quicker to log your purchases!

  • David Levine

    Great feature! There were so many times I couldn’t remember an exact category.

    • Corey Maass

      Glad you like! It’s been on the list to add for a while :-) I wish I could add it to email.

  • Lolita Orozco

    Great!!! I love it!!… and yes, sometimes is not possible remember the exact category. Regards from Mexico!! =P

    • Corey Maass

      Hola, Mexico! Glad you like the new features :-)

  • Andrew Hussey

    I just came here to suggest a list of tags came in the daily email as I often can’t recall what I’ve used. Perhaps just a “here are a list of your tags……”

    • Corey Maass

      Hey, Andrew. Your emails actually include that. Look for the “Here are your previous tags” section in the daily email.

  • 25brownlane

    I’ve been away from thebirdy for a while and this was one of the things I really wanted – thanks!

    • Corey Maass

      Great, glad we can make you happy! :-)

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