Budgets and income

by corey

A select few received invites to try out the new premium features. Watch soon for your own chance to try these out!

  • express07

    I would like to try Budgets out please.

  • http://davidlevine.posterous.com David Levine

    Here’s hoping I get an invite.

  • jaeleen bennis

    I would like to try out Income please!

    • http://thebirdy.com Corey Maass

      Coming soon!

  • Mkocsis1946

    I would like to try Budgets/ Income….M.kocsis1946@att.net

    • http://thebirdy.com Corey Maass

      It’ll be available to everyone shortly. Look out! :-)

  • Talk2ortiz29

    I would love to give it a whirl since my husband spends money like it grows on trees and I’m trying to put money away for emergency expenses which happens often in our home. This will be a great addition to what you already have on your site.

    • http://thebirdy.com Corey Maass

      Great. We’ll be releasing it soon. Sorry for the delay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=506795943 Joanne Haley-Borodine

    I love the Birdy and am looking forward to trying any new updates! Thanks for your great product~

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