New mobile version

by corey

The first, sad version of the Birdy’s mobile site had been broken for a while. Now it’s fixed, all new, and better than ever. To view the Birdy optimized for your phone, visit

  • Harshit

    It would be fantastic to have Birdy’s own mobile application someday.

    • Corey Maass

      Coming very soon!

  • Lisa

    when is the App coming??

  • Wanda

    Hello, thanks for the last improvement that I can log into my exsisting account via mobile. Now my next remark is that the mobile version does not add/show my added purchases, and after added the purchase the calendar jumps to March 2016, which is very unconfortable to turn back each time 2 years earlier. Can you do anything with that? Using the mobile version on iPhone 3GS. Thanx and love

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