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by corey

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  • Lmaass

    I was wondering whether I should establish categories so I don’t have lots of single entries.

    • http://thebirdy.com Corey Maass

      Great question. If you find you are entering lots of similar purchases, and want to know what you’re spending on all of them combined, use a category. Create a new category just by tagging your purchase #food or #travel.

  • Rockstar_rabbit

    What about a calendar that you could write when you get paid and when bills are due. That would, I think very helpful to budget your money, especially people like me who get paid every two weeks.

    • http://thebirdy.com Corey Maass

      Totally! I don’t know if it’ll look like a calendar, but we’re going to add budgets, income and reminders soon.

  • Anonymous

    i tried to text in my purchases, but I don’t see them… where did they go?

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