Dream of a Purse with Money Inside

A dream about a purse speaks of financial security and success. You will be able to weather hard times, loss, or any other unexpected event which was brought on by people who care little about your welfare.

It is possible that an inheritance may come in the near future or that you were given an investment opportunity that could help secure your future finances.

You are blessed with abundance and prosperity regardless of what negativity is headed your way; know this and learn from it- do not let anyone deter you from staying on the right track!

What does it mean when you dream of a purse with money?

The message ‘dreaming of a purse with money‘ suggests that you should continue with whatever course of action has brought about positive results.

To dream of a purse filled with gold

To dream of a purse filled with gold means that you will gain the recognition and respect of others for your expertise in some phase of life.

The dream may also mean that travel is in your near future, or new friends who are social but not necessarily well-mannered.

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To dream of a wallet

The wallet represents either an inheritance or a gift from someone close to you, as it often does when found on the ground or discovered in a pocket.

If you find one and take it home anyway, this suggests that despite being presented with opportunities which would benefit your material situation, you do not feel inclined to seek them out – after all, there are more important things to think about than money!

A wallet bursting at the seams indicates financial security through hard work rather than chance To dream of a bursting wallet signifies that financial difficulties will soon be resolved, or that you are about to reap the rewards of hard work.

The dream may also reflect your feelings about someone who is feeling anxious about finances but does not want to show it in front of you.

You probably feel very protective and generous towards this person and might even lend them some money if they ask for it.

To lose a wallet suggests that you have wasted valuable time in making a decision which has made you unhappy (or differently happy again); the old saying ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ really applies here.

Dreaming that your wallet is empty signifies that you are worried about losing all of your money because of bad decisions that you have made.

The dream is warning you that this may be the case, and unless you start making more sensible decisions soon, your financial situation will continue to deteriorate.

Setting out to buy a wallet represents preparations for a journey or new project; it could also indicate that someone is about to give you an inheritance.

If your wallet has already been bought but does not fit in your pocket (or anywhere else), then this predicts some kind of problems with money as well as relationships ‘making sure my pockets have enough room for my wallet’ generally means being ready for something – perhaps a holiday?

To dream of receiving a wallet containing cash or cheques suggests that there are opportunities coming your way which could make you rich if you actively seek them out.

To find a wallet, loose change or credit card on the ground means that if you are not careful, someone will take advantage of your generosity and good nature To see blood on a wallet implies that you are afraid of losing your valuables.

To get your purse stolen in your dream

To get your purse stolen in your dream, signifies that you are worried about your financial situation. The dream may also be a warning to watch out for robbers or thieves, especially if you were mugged in the purse-snatching incident.

If your wallet contained money which was stolen from you, then this suggests that others are taking advantage of your generosity and good nature – in short, they want all the benefits without any of the responsibilities.

It could also mean that someone close to you has been behaving deceitfully towards you.

To find a purse with money in your dream but giving it back

To find a purse with money in your dream but giving it back, signify that you feel guilty about taking advantage of someone who has helped you out.

You are feeling remorseful because you received a favor from the person and didn’t acknowledge it. To dream of your purse with money, or finding one on the ground means that income is coming to you.

If your purse was full of cash or checks, then this indicates easy money; but if it contained only coins, then it implies some hard work will be required before great wealth can be obtained.

To find a purse full of coins in your dream, signifies that you are eager to get on in life and have less of a liking for hard work. You would rather take the easy way out, even if this means earning less money.

To find an empty purse in your dream

To find an empty purse in your dream, indicates that you don’t have enough money to buy something you want and/or need. The dream may also be a metaphor representing feelings about yourself being ’empty’.

To dream that someone has given you their purse or wallet without any money in it suggests that some people let their generosity get the better of them as they tend to give away more than they can afford; and they consequently end up feeling needy at times.

To find a purse with money but you don’t want it

To find a purse with money but you don’t want it suggests that you are afraid of responsibility and/or the tasks it entails To dream of a purse with money but nobody will take it from you, signifies your disappointment in other people’s lack of appreciation for your generosity.

If someone stole your purse or wallet which has some money in it, then this indicates that you feel somebody is taking advantage of your generosity; and possibly also warns you to be wary when talking to strangers as they may try to manipulate you into giving them something without giving anything in return.

To dream of a purse that is dirty and full of rubbish

To dream of a purse that is dirty and full of rubbish, signifies that you will suffer losses and feel regret for not putting money into a savings account

To dream of finding money in your purse or wallet after searching it thoroughly, denotes good luck.

To find stolen money in your wallet or purse

To find stolen money in your wallet or purse indicates that something dishonest has happened around you. You may have been lied to. You could also be fearful of losing important documents.

If someone gives you stolen money in a dream, then it implies that someone is trying to take advantage of your kind nature as they do not want to work themselves but benefit from the results of others’ labors.

These were the possible interpretations of money dreams involving your purse and/or wallet.