How to Attract Money Into Your Life

It is not about how to get more money. It’s about HOW you can attract what you want, in life. Take charge of your life and be a creator! You are the only one who can create change in your life by changing how and what you think!

How to Attract Money – the Overview

The old saying, “Money Talks”, should be changed to “You Talk.” What do YOU say to yourself every day? Write down all of your thoughts nonstop for a period of time (from the moment you wake up until your head hits the pillow at night), and then look at them. Are most of them negative thoughts or positive ones?

If it’s mostly negative, that’s why it seems like everyone else has everything they want and that only bad things are happening to you. You are attracting negative things into your life!

Change your mind and change your life. Instead of saying, “I can never get it together”, say, “I am getting a handle on my finances.” Replace the negative thoughts with positive ones–it really DOES work! It takes time to create a new pattern–the more you do it, the faster it will happen.

The Universe responds almost immediately when we put out positive affirmations that match our desires. When we switch from negative to positive thinking, we turn off the old patterns that keep us stuck in an endless cycle of lack or disaster and open up a whole new universe of unlimited possibilities!

For example, if you want money but think about what you don’t want, you’re putting out a signal to the Universe that says “No” and it will continue to throw bad situations into your life. But, if you say “Yes I have money!”, the universe picks up on that energy immediately!

If you are looking for more happiness, love or money–you’ve got to start thinking about what you DO want instead of what you don’t want. We get back whatever we put out!!!

Example of Scenarios of Attracting Money

Here’s an analogy: Say your bank account is empty and your credit cards are maxed out at $30,000 in debt. Every time you think about how broke you are and how angry it makes you feel (and maybe even cry), those feelings go right back out into the universe as a signal that you don’t have enough money!

This is called “Money Focusing.” But, when you decide that having more money would make your life better and fill up a bank account with $100,000 instead–the Universe will pick up on those feelings of abundance right away!!

The key is to always remember this: YOU reap what you sow. You get back whatever energy (thoughts) you put out into the Universe. If you want good things in your life, start thinking about them and stop thinking about all the bad things!!! If you talk to yourself like there’s no tomorrow, guess what? There won’t be one!!!!

And if we do believe in Spirit Guides or Angels…what are they supposed to do with all that negative energy? That’s right–they’re supposed to deliver it! It’s already out there in the Universe. So even if you really DO believe in Spirit Guides and Angels, are they working on your behalf with all of those negative thoughts? Do you want them to do that??

You attract what you radiate!!! If we keep thinking about how hurt, angry or sad we are because of something bad that happened in our lives, guess what??? We are attracting more situations like that into our lives until we learn the lesson of Nonresistance and Surrender (which is a whole different topic).

If someone has broken up with us or stolen from us…how can we expect a loving relationship (or anything else) to continue to come into our lives when we are radiating thoughts of not having love or being victimized? It’s because those things already exist in the Universe too! The Universe is trying to send us something different, but we keep sending messages out that say “NO!”

The ONLY time it’s okay to think negatively or feel bad about something (if you can even call it “bad”) is if you learn the lesson and move on. If it happens again and again–it’s a sure sign that we haven’t learned whatever the lesson was!

But, if you realize that every experience in life has some kind of lesson attached to it and make a commitment to yourself/soul that this will be your last time experiencing what happened and knowing why…then it’s fine to feel bad. But, once we have learned the lesson and made amends for whatever it is that happened–we need to let it go!

Remember this little secret: Thought precedes action!! If thoughts of money are coming into your head all the time, you’ll end up taking some kind of action that will bring more money into your life.

It’s not a guarantee that you will get a lot of money or anything because there are other factors involved like hard work too, but if you don’t think about it at least…it won’t happen! You’re putting out a signal (to yourself) that says “no” which means no money will come in! Start thinking about what you DO want and then watch what you start attracting into your life.

Things to do Every Day to Attract Money Now

If money is a big issue for you, here’s a simple exercise I do that works every time–and it takes about 5 minutes! It’s very powerful:

1) When you wake up in the morning, visualize what $100,000 would look like to you. How would it feel? Would you be happy or sad if this were there in front of you right now? Whatever feelings come up when thinking of getting this amount of money are exactly how we need to be FEELING when we get our goal!!!

2) Think about how good it will feel to have all of those bills paid and not having any worries. If we don’t think about feeling bad because we’re broke or worry about bills…we’ll have more room in our minds to think about feeling great because we’re not broke and don’t have to worry anymore!

3) Now, give some gratitude for having or being this amount of money. If you are honoring where you are right now (in your life), then you can be grateful for having whatever it is that’s coming into your life…even if it isn’t all of the money yet! Gratitude opens us up to receive more–that’s why people who practice Gratitude always seem to get a little bit more than they were asking for!!!

4) With humility, understand that everything comes from Spirit first and we need to feel good receiving what has been given to us. We don’t have to worry about how or why something comes into our life–just feel good knowing we have it!

5) Now, go do something fun and enjoy your day!!! Or…apply for a job that will get you this much money! And remember, if you’re waiting for “the right time” to apply for jobs or are waiting for the perfect opportunity…don’t wait too long because it may not come around again (and there’s no such thing as “the right time”).

Just go look for it now. When you do what you love and give thanks, things always work out exactly the way they should. If your idea of $100,000 is a little more than what you would call a “little”, then just use whatever amount that you would feel is $100,000 or more! It’s important to write down your goal anyway (if you have trouble doing it in your mind).

If you’re not sure how to get started, try these things: call around and ask family members if they know of any jobs coming up; go online or check the newspaper for ads; go to the yellow pages under “Employment” or “Jobs”; look on Craigslist. Any kind of action will bring about opportunities!! And don’t worry–they’ll keep showing up as long as we’re moving toward our goals!

The Universe has an intelligence of its own and knows where we want to be even better than we do!!! Let’s let it do all the work for us and use our thoughts to envision ourselves where we want to be. The Universe will bring it back to us tenfold!

Easy Tips for Attracting Money, Wealth and Prosperity

– visualize getting what you want (like a movie screen)

– watch and listen to programs that inspire or help you become wealthy and successful (I like “The Secret”–it’s good for people of all faiths because it doesn’t say to believe in anything specific, just YOURSELF!)

– remove pictures of yourself with toys that are too expensive if they remind you of how much money you don’t have!

– go shopping once in awhile…but only for things that bring you joy! They could even be tools for your work. If it makes your heart beat faster when you see it–it may be worth buying. Then use the rest of your time thinking about how to get more money!!! As we move closer to what we want, it tends to show up more often!!!

– turn off the news and stop reading bad things about people. What you focus on expands! We don’t have control over what others do…but we have total control over what WE think about them or their actions!!

– let go of all of the thoughts that tell us “I can’t afford this” or “This is too rich for my blood”. Don’t THINK those kinds of things! They hold us back from where we’re trying to go. Think of something else instead–like how good it will feel to be able to buy cool stuff when YOU are feeling like doing so, not because someone else is telling you that you should because they have a lot of money.

The Universe is like a big, beautiful puzzle–and it’s waiting for us to figure out how we fit in…When we do what we love and give thanks, the pieces start to fall into place. What will you be doing today to bring yourself closer to your dreams of money?

After all, It’s only a number! And remember: “the highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.” Go grab some books on the Law of Attraction and see what they have to say about attracting more money!!!

15 Things that Won’t Help You Attract Money

1) Ignorance. If you don’t know much about money, then you won’t have any expectations about it.

2) Self-limiting beliefs. Whatever our beliefs are, we create a life around them- whether they be positive or negative.

3) Lack of education and bad advice from parents regarding financial matters. Our early experiences with money help to form our attitude towards future earnings.

4) Fear of not having enough. When we worry if there will be enough for everyone, think we need to live differently in order to attract more money into our lives or believe that earning more is somehow immoral or wrong then we are attracting those kinds of circumstances into our life as well! Positive thinking really does make all the difference!

5) Procrastination. The easiest way to avoid attracting money is to not take action towards our desires.

6) Lack of management and organization. Keeping track of what we have and what we do with it can make a big difference in the amount that we attract into our lives!

7) Lack of Faith. No matter how much or how little faith you have, nothing will come to pass until you allow it to happen!

8) Unreality: When you continually talk about your financial situation in negative terms (i.e., “I’m broke;” “that’s too expensive!”; etc.) then those kinds of things become a reality for you! Positive thoughts are also a reality!!

9) Not believing that it is possible for us to be wealthy.

10) Avoiding making a plan and taking the necessary actions to attract more money into our lives.

11) Worry about tomorrow. When our thoughts turn towards what might happen instead of what will happen then we are closing ourselves off to receiving what is now in front of us!

12) Not being at peace with your financial situation now.

13) Giving up our power, which is something that we all do from time to time!

14) Believing that you already have enough when in fact it’s possible for us to want more!!

15) Fear of asking: Asking for things shows a lack of need. A need says “I can’t live without this.” An ask/request says “this would be nice but I’ll be ok with or without it.”

What do you need to change in your life in order to attract more money?

This is the first step towards attracting more money — taking responsibility for our financial situation and deciding to make a difference!

Be kind and humble towards others if you want to attract money into your life! A kind and humble attitude is one of the best ways to attract money.

Think of all the great things that you can do with lots of money, rather than solely focusing on what it will enable you to get out of doing without it!

16 Ways to Attract Money Fast

1) Make a list of 5 things that you would like to do or have if you had more money.

2) Add up how much each item costs.

3) Write a check for this amount, sign it over to yourself (as if someone else were signing it) and put away where no one but you knows about it!!

4) Use at least $2 per day, every single day, in order to send these good things into your life!

5) Notice how many unexpected opportunities come to you!!

6) Focus on the abundance in the world. It doesn’t feel good when we have more than others; it feels good when we are able to share with others out of the overflow that we have created for ourselves.

7) Ask yourself if you really need something before you buy it or make a purchase, and notice what happens as a result of not buying it (you might be surprised!)

8) When shopping, become aware of how money is coming to you rather than fighting for every dollar!

9) Get rid of all negative/limiting beliefs regarding money- they only exist because we keep choosing them!

10) Find someone who talks about their financial situation in positive terms and ask them what they do to attract money!

11) Help people out whenever possible. The more we give, the more we receive!!

12) Be willing to receive as well as to give.

13) Find something of great value that you can sell!

14) Notice how easy it is for you to buy things or pay your bills when you write checks rather than using cash-what an encouragement this is!!

15) Create a checkbook register that will allow you to keep track of where all your money is going (this was one of the best steps I took towards financial freedom!)

16) Why not put reminders in your home/workplace about how easily you are able to help yourself by attracting more money into your life? Make a point of noticing how common it is for us to attract money when we are kind and humble, while it’s a challenge to do so when we’re being rude!! Do you always need to know what your paycheck will be? How much money is in your checking account?

What you owe someone? Write yourself a checkbook register and track them all! You might be surprised that one appears before too long.

Consider paying off the smallest debt first (so that there is more cash available) as this gives a tremendous boost forward!! Most people think they have to pay off their highest interest debt first, but why not start with the smallest??  The more cash flow that comes into our lives each month, the easier it becomes for us to attract more.   We feel more financially secure and it shows to the Universe (or our Guides or Angels …) that we’re able to handle even MORE!

Create a list of your goals, both financial and non-financial, in order of importance. Now number each item from 1 -10 according to how important you feel it is.

Next put the items with lower numbers towards the top and gradually work down the list as you become more confident in achieving them.

Number one should be something you think would be absolutely fantastic if it were to happen soon! You’ve decided where to start — all that is left now is for you to take action!!

Make sure that there are no vibrations of a lack of resources/money behind anything that you are doing. If there is, you may be attracting more of the same!

If we focus on what we don’t want or how difficult it’s been to get our needs met in the past, this will not help us attract something different into our lives.

We have to be willing to see things differently if they’re going to change!!!  This doesn’t mean that we ignore facts (as in money coming out of one pocket while going into another) but that we change how we feel about them.

If there are new ways available for helping ourselves that would work better than those we’ve already tried and failed with before…let’s try these new options instead!  Remember: just because something worked well in the past, doesn’t mean it will work well in the future!  Our lives change and so do our circumstances.

What you may not notice is how often your employer likes to encourage us to spend more money than we already are…the products that companies sell offer a convenient way for them to help themselves by helping us ! (this wouldn’t be a problem if there were no negative consequences surrounding their use)

I believe many compulsive shoppers are ‘created’ this way!!! Check out the convenience of all those stores within driving distance from wherever you live!! Take advantage of these conveniences if they fit into your financial plan, but don’t allow yourself to become over-extended or consumed by buying things you can easily do without!

Attract Money with Meditation

Use your money thoughts as subjects for meditation.   It will be difficult at first, but keep trying!  Your Guides and Angels are there on the spiritual plane, ready to help every step of the way as long as we are open to receiving their aid!!

Also:  have a healthy relationship with those things that you spend your money on. Don’t buy them if they aren’t needed or wanted. If you see something that you want very much…save up for it (if possible) before purchasing it!!!

You’ll derive more satisfaction from being able to purchase something that means so much to us while not being stressed about spending our hard-earned dollars!!  Remember: sometimes delayed gratification can bring an even greater reward than grabbing everything we want right now!!

Attract money with money affirmations

Affirmations have to be repeated with feelings behind them, not just words.   (If you feel really uncomfortable saying these things out loud then repeat them in your mind.)

I’m open and receptive to new ways of thinking about money that will work better for me! I spend my money wisely and carefully for the highest good of all concerned!

My financial situation is getting better every day!! The more financial freedom I achieve, the happier and more complete a person I become!!

Attracting prosperity into our lives works best when we’re allowing ourselves to dream big dreams again! If our vision goes beyond what we’ve ever had before, there’s absolutely no way it could possibly fall short of where we are right now!!!

Examples of money affirmations:

1)  I have an abundance of money and I deserve to have it!

2)  Money is flowing to me from every conceivable source!

3)   Abundance flows into my life in a steady stream.

4) My financial situation is always improving!!

5) Money comes easily and effortlessly to me now!! I am healthy, wealthy, centered and secure just as I am right now….even if I don’t feel like it!!! Thank you, Universe!!

6) I manifest prosperity in my life and I am grateful for it!

7) Prosperity is on the way to me now…it will be arriving very soon!!

8) My bank balance grows larger every day now.  The financial success I have achieved allows me to live a rich, full and abundant life!!!

9) Every day brings me closer to the realization of all my dreams and goals!!   The love that surrounds me shines like a brilliant sun that warms my heart….the love that shines from within fills my soul with light.

My heart is open as I extend that same love outward to each person in my life…to strangers passing by on the street…and even into the world around us.

10) As I quiet my mind, I discover the intentions that are there for me. I see clearly the path that leads to my happiness!

11) The more good I do in this world, the happier and more complete a person I become!   Whether it’s something large or small…it matters not what others think of our efforts!!!  We need only be true to ourselves!!

You may want to check out more affirmations. Here are 100 money affirmations.