Money Affirmations that Work Fast

Money is a powerful tool. In the hands of people who know how to use it, it can do much for you in life. If you’re not using money properly, then money will work against you. The best way to describe this force is like a magnet: if one pole of the magnet is turned towards you and the other away from you; which pole attracts the more? It’s pretty obvious that whoever has their pole facing towards another magnetic pole wants to be closer.

Why is money so important?  It’s all about what we value. Money allows us to buy things that we value or take care of things that are valuable to us such as family members(children), friends, etc. Whatever we value most, we use the money for. If it’s not money, then it will be something else that we value.

Money can be negative as well. We seek to have more of what we already have; therefore, this is desire and attachment. Desire & attachment are both strong forces that if left unchecked will cause us more pain than happiness(yes, there is such a thing as negative or evil energy). These two things are the main causes of suffering: ignorance and greed.

When you think about having more of something or needing something, this causes worry in your mind because you don’t yet have it. This worry puts pressure on you to get whatever object or experience that you desire so strongly. When this pressure builds too much, you act out to relieve it. This is when problems arise. The consequences of acting out can be very damaging and the damage accumulates over time.

What Are Money Affirmations

Money affirmations are statements that you repeat often enough for them to become a belief or way of being. One example I like to use in my workshops is, “I easily attract money.”

This may seem extremely simple but if you say this statement every day for 21 days and believe/feel it while saying it; then this becomes your truth from this point forward. It becomes what you expect so when money does come into your life, you won’t take it for granted or feel ungrateful about good fortune since this change in attitude comes with practice.

If we can make ourselves believe that we deserve money through positive affirmations, then the universe will conspire to make it happen. I’m not saying that you can manifest any amount of money or material items into your life, but this is a good start and way to take responsibility for how abundant (or limited) your life is by using positive wording about your future with money. You are what you think!

It’s important to choose words wisely because whatever words you say out loud become your truth. This is true whether they are negative or positive. If you tell somebody else something negative about yourself, this becomes real in their mind(through confirmation bias) so be careful what kind of vibration you put out there because I guarantee you’re going to attract more of kinds of things(like a magnet).

In summary, use positive statements about money such as: “I easily attract money.” or “Money comes to me quickly and effortlessly,” in order to manifest more of it into your life.

Tell yourself that you deserve it; it’s your fault if you don’t get it. Whatever you put out there is what you will receive so always be conscious of the vibration. Money affirmations should not be used for material gain because this isn’t how the universe works. Use these positive statements about abundance & prosperity instead.

If we start believing negative lies about ourselves, like I’m not worthy of having certain types of things; then we are creating an unbalanced force within us and our reality.

For example, if you want to have more money than you currently do; but instead of saying the above statements, you say something like “I don’t deserve this” then your belief or lack of it will become true.

If you’re on a limited vibration and thinking negatively about yourself, then the universe will give you more negativity in the form of more limited assets. This is because we are one with each other and connected to everything. Like attracts like; so put out positive stuff that resonates positively for you and others.

How Do You Write Affirmations for Money?

Remember that beliefs have to be repeated over and over millions of times for them to become true. Your conscious mind may only believe in certain affirmations the first time you say it; but since your unconscious mind is so much larger and more powerful than your consciousness, then this part will keep repeating these statements (even though you don’t recognize it).

For example: if somebody asks “Do you really think that one day you’ll get rich?” Then your response might be something like “I’m not sure I’d ever get rich.”

This response/affirmation is negative because it says that there’s no way you can get wealthy. But after saying this statement out loud, repeatedly, for months or years; then this becomes a new belief and truth for you.

At this point, you may say that you have a hard time getting rich or money doesn’t seem to work well for you; because this was told to yourself over the years after saying it millions of times (consciously & unconsciously).

The conscious mind is only aware/responsible for what we tell ourselves consciously but the unconscious mind is responsible for everything else (like giving us our beliefs and truths).

The Power in Positive Affirmations About Money

Only if we believe something as a positive affirmation(or suggestion) from within can we change anything about ourselves from without. What makes affirmations so powerful is their ability to help people improve themselves by changing negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions into positive ones. Negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions occur because of unbalanced forces (which are caused by negative thoughts).

If we want to create a positive change in our lives when it comes to money; then we have to change the way that we think about ourselves and how much money we’re worth. Money affirmations are very powerful tools for changing your beliefs about yourself. They are like small seeds in the form of statements; that if planted over and over again; will grow into a tree!

Writing Your Own Money Affirmations

Here’s an example of a simple affirmation you could use during meditation or as part of your daily routine:

” I now choose to live on unlimited abundance. Today I choose to be happy and healthy so that everything else can be added unto me. I now choose to believe that I am worthy and deserving of having more money. Money comes to me easily through many different avenues. My bank account is always growing larger with more dollars flowing in than ever before .”

Repeat this type of statement by saying it numerous times every day as part of your routine; for at least a few months. By repeating positive statements over time, you’ll begin to see real changes in the form of becoming wealthy and prosperous. You can repeat affirmations out loud or inside your mind; whatever works best for you.

The Power Is In Your Mind

So if there’s one thing that we all have control over (even though it may not seem like it) then it’s what goes on in our minds. This is where our beliefs are formed and from this point of view; we can change everything else about ourselves!

We have all of the power within us to become more successful because it’s up to us how much money we want to make. It’s what inside that counts when it comes to wealth and prosperity. You may not be able to control anything external right now but you can change your inner thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and beliefs. When these things begin to shift/change for the better; then your world will reflect that by reflecting a higher net worth (wealth) for you.

Affirmations are very powerful tools in any person’s arsenal of weapons against life’s challenges; especially if we use them consistently. They help to reprogram our subconscious mind so that our conscious minds can view the world as we want it to be . This means that if you consistently tell yourself something over and over again; then it will become your “new reality” based on what is going on in your mind.

The Law of Attraction & Prosperity

The law of attraction manifests through the conscious and unconscious mind (these are basically one in the same) because both work together to create reality for us.

If you were able to attract abundance into your life with only positive affirmations, then why would you need anything else? Most people are unaware/unconsciously using negative thoughts, behaviors, emotions, etc… against themselves.

This means that they’re creating a reality for themselves that is based on limiting beliefs and false ideas. These are some of the reasons why people keep experiencing what they do in life because it’s self-created.

You have to change your subconscious mind before you can expect things to manifest in your world. This means that if you want to attract more money into your life; then you must believe that you’re worthy (which is a feeling) and deserving more than what you have (thoughts). The law of attraction won’t be fulfilled until these two steps happen first!

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What to Do to Get and Attract Money

1) follow your dreams

2) live beyond limits

3) claim abundance as yours

4) choose health & wealth

5) find true love

6) live with passion

7) give generously

8) increase income

9) make good money

10) receive abundance

11) live purposefully

12) be generous

13) love unconditionally

14) expand income

15) trust the universe

16) earn well

17) live joyfully

18) give & share abundantly

19) increase prosperity

20) make more money

21) say yes to opportunities

21) live in the now

22) say thank you to abundance

23) experience freedom

24) be grateful for what you have

Feel free to use these affirmations as part of your daily routine; whether it’s out loud or inside your mind. The point is that they will help reprogram your subconscious mind so that you can attract more wealth into your life. It all begins with changing our negative thoughts, behaviors, emotions, and beliefs; which are things that we control regardless of what other people do around us. This is true self-mastery at its finest!

Affirm habitually no matter what happens in your life. Remember that it’s up to us to create our own reality and the power is within us.

If you ever find yourself questioning these ideas; then you have work to do! It all begins with acknowledging that you’re not happy or content where you are right now & wanting more out of your life.

You can’t expect money to fall into your lap when you don’t have a plan for it because most people don’t know how to attract wealth. That’s why they continue doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results (the definition of insanity).

How To Attract Money (Wealth) Into Your Life Fast

1) Know who you really are… trust & forgive yourself

2) Meditate on something bigger than you

3) Ask for what you want and desire passionately

4) Listen to your intuition, follow it and do whatever it tells you to do.

5) Get rid of negative people in your life (they’re not good for your growth or sanity).  They’ll try to drain or hold you back from achieving greater things.

Your subconscious always knows whether someone is “good” for you or not. If it doesn’t then listen to your emotions; which are also indicators telling us if we should spend time with certain people in our lives.

6) Live a healthy lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body & soul (exercise, drink lots of water, eat clean real foods, sleep, rest & relax)

7) Make sure that your environment is conducive to growth (decorate your house or workspace in a way that makes you feel more inspired)

There are many ways to attract money into your life but the main thing is changing our belief systems around it. This means we must change the stories that we’re telling ourselves subconsciously because they shape reality.

How to Calculate Your Money Karma As a Result

You know how when certain people just come into your life for no apparent reason? Well, there’s usually a lesson attached to every experience whether good or bad.

With money, it all begins by “appreciating” the lack of value one gives and providing them with value in return. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to shame anyone or tell them that they’re “bad” people for not giving you money. That’s just the way things work in general and most of the time the universe is just trying to teach us more about ourselves (mindfulness without judgment).

The point I’m making here is that when someone does something for us or gives us a gift; we should always say thank you and show gratitude no matter how much or how little they gave us.

In most cases, they will give again because it makes them feel good when we appreciate what they do for us. This comes from practicing being grateful for everything in our lives truly believing there isn’t anything greater than what we already have.

Here are the four steps to calculate your money karma

1) Reflect on all of the gifts or opportunities you’ve been given in life (i.e., a job, house, car, someone invited you out, or gave you a compliment)

2) Appreciate them instead of taking these things for granted

3) Share it with people who don’t have as much as you do and give back; always keep this in mind…the universe will provide for those who serve others!

4) Pray/meditate and ask for more appreciation then practice being grateful no matter what happens in your life. This means staying positive even when we feel down or depressed (remember that we control our thoughts regardless of our feelings).

If we do this every day, it will become a habit and soon enough we’ll be attracting lots of wealth into our lives. The best part about appreciating everything in our lives to attract more is that even when you’re broke; you can still practice it!

Most people have an issue with receiving the money they desire though because they find ways to justify not being grateful for what they already have (the saying “I don’t deserve this” or “why me?”).

That’s why I want to remind everyone how powerful affirmations are and how important it is that we say them daily! Affirmations are a lot like breathing: you do it all day long without realizing it but if you stop…it becomes difficult to do it again!

You can never stop thanking others for what they give you; otherwise, the affirmations become weak and ineffective. If we truly want something in our lives then we should always be grateful regardless of how difficult things get in life.   Our feelings don’t control us; instead, it’s our thoughts that shape reality!

I recommend that people always use positive affirmations when addressing their money flow because negative ones will only attract more negativity (they’re not good for your growth or sanity).

They’ll try to drain or hold you back from achieving greater things. Your subconscious always knows whether someone is “good” for you or not. If it doesn’t then listen to your emotions; which are also indicators telling you when someone isn’t supporting your growth or just being fake.

When you feel a negative emotion then it usually means that a person is taking away from your energy so either distance yourself or just tell them they’re not worth having in your life (especially if there are more important people who actually care about you).

Be sure to keep this in mind because the world can be tough and we need to do everything we can to help ourselves; no one else should have power over our minds.

Our thoughts shape reality! You’ve heard how money attracts money? It all begins with an affirmation that changes the way you think about money. The subconscious always knows what’s best for us but it has to know what you truly desire before giving it to you! It’s a matter of telling it what we want in life and practicing gratitude.

Don’t worry about how to attract money daily or that you’re poor…your attention is the most valuable resource available so whenever you start thinking negatively…stop those thoughts and imagine yourself being wealthy and happy.

The more we practice, the easier it’ll become for us to achieve greater things in our lives. That’s because our subconscious will eventually accept what we want as a fact then work on making those affirmations come true! The best part about having an optimistic attitude is that when we encounter negativity; it won’t have any effect on us since we know that negative emotions can be changed easily.

When I was going through tough times (I even had a hard time affording food) I would use affirmations all day long…even when things got worse it still worked! I was inspired by people who were going through financial difficulties but still seem happy. They were very grateful for the little they had because money didn’t control them.

When we’re broke we can always find ways to be thankful for what we already have: our ability to think and breathe daily are amazing gifts that most people take for granted every day

! When you start feeling down about being poor remember that there’s always someone in a worse situation and if you truly want money then appreciate what you have now! Understand how powerful this is?  The more grateful we become, the easier it’ll be for us to attract money!

If you’re having a hard time being positive about your financial situation then imagine how it feels to have financial freedom. How would you treat others?

What type of person would you become?  What sort of things will you do with your life if you had more money in the bank and ask yourself what is stopping you from achieving that now?

If there’s nothing holding you back then ask for guidance from your inner voice (whatever that may be for each individual) and start using affirmations daily.

Your subconscious mind knows better than anyone else what’s best for us so let it be the one who takes control over our thoughts. There’s no wrong or right way when it comes to using affirmations either;  the important thing is that our words become a fact in the near future!

Money Affirmations: How to Write Them (Step by Step)

Step 1

Begin with “I am” or “I have” depending on what you truly want. For example, if you feel like being wealthy but still struggle financially then say: I am [wealthy and happy] because…or I have [money] because….

Step 2

Use present tense and first-person perspective when writing your money affirmation. This will help get rid of any negative emotions related to lack or scarcity which can prevent us from achieving prosperity.

Step 3

Write down why you want this thing you desire while imagining yourself already having it as proof that it’ll happen soon. Do this without doubting anything.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a reason then let your inner voice guide you and imagine how this will affect those around you in a good way. Remember that money is energy so it moves where thought goes!

Step 4

Turn the sentence into positive affirmation by changing any words that make us sound needy or inferior (believe me, nobody wants to be seen as weak).

For example:   * “I lack money” becomes “money comes to me easily now!” or “money flows into my life”   * You don’t have to use all of them but just make sure your affirmations are easy to understand and in the present tense.

Step 5

Repeat these statements over and over again until you start to believe that this will happen. Don’t use them as a tool for wishful thinking because it’ll eventually work!

You can say these words in front of the mirror every day so your subconscious mind gets used to hearing them. The more you repeat an affirmation, the easier it is for us to accept what we want as a fact.

Always be positive when saying your money affirmations even if you’re feeling down about something because we always attract more of what we feel inside!

Step 6

Write down all of your new money affirmations on the back page of a journal or anything that’s easy to carry around with you everywhere.

Don’t expect immediate results when using these; remember that the Universe works at its own speed! If you’re still struggling with your financial situation even after using them then it’s possible that you’re not focusing on what you want clearly and concretely.  Consistency is also a huge factor so make sure to use these all throughout the week, every day if possible!

Do Money Affirmations Work?

I do not claim to know everything there is about money or affirmations but I can guarantee that they work if used consistently. As long as we put in the effort required for success, our inner voice will take care of the rest!

100 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

1) I am wealthy.

2) I have money.

3) Money comes to me easily now!

4) I love money and it loves me back too!

6) My wallet is never empty of cash because…..(write down your reason here).

7) It pays to be positive so…. (write down why positivity attracts wealth).

8 ) Money flows into my life like a river in the springtime.

9 ) The universe rewards those who work hard at making their dreams come true.

10 ) Abundant means blessed with plenty… And that’s exactly what I am!

11 ) All of the best things in life are free, but I choose to make more out of all this by attracting wealth.

12) Money flows to me from all the right places.

13) I create my own luck by doing what I love at this very moment!

14 ) The more money I have, the happier I become!

15 ) Money and happiness are a perfect match.

16 ) By being positive and doing good for others, wealth will soon follow after.

17 ) My mind is open to receive wealth through new business ideas that are always popping up into my head.

18 ) It’s easy for me to make wise decisions such as saving, spending wisely etc.

19) All doors open to me because of my ability to attract prosperity and abundance everywhere I go!

20) Prosperity is already on its way because….(write down your reason here).

21) The economy is only good for those who help it grow.

22 ) I love the feeling of cash in my pocket!

23) I have worked hard to be where I am right now so that’s why money flows easily into my life.

24 ) It feels great to wear expensive clothes and jewelry all the time because….(write down your reason here).

25 ) People love giving me gifts!

26) Money is everywhere waiting to be received.

27 ) Every day, new ideas come popping up in my head just from watching TV or reading a magazine or newspaper.

28 ) Today will be my lucky day because…. (write down your reason here)

29) Abundance helps me make better decisions.

30) Prosperity doesn’t depend on how much money you have, it depends on how much love you can give and spread to others.

31) There are plenty of opportunities out there that I need to grab with both hands!

32 ) Money does not grow under a tree or fall off of trees like leaves do .

33 ) In order for me to be a great leader so that my employees will stay loyal and work hard, I must treat them all fairly when it comes to being rewarded with higher incomes.

34 ) A positive attitude leads to positive results.

35) I am attracting the right people into my life because they are helping me achieve my dreams!.

36 ) Money is only paper so why not spend it wisely?

37 ) I embrace all positive associations to money, wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

38 ) I’m not going into debt anymore so that’s why wealth is being attracted into my life!

39 ) Money doesn’t make the man, love does !

40) I am a good person and people around me attract prosperity because of this fact.

41) A smile on my face gives me more energy and confidence than ever before.

42 ) Money works hard for those who work hard at making dreams come true.

43) The more time I spend working towards my goals, the easier it will be to move up levels in life .

44 ) Love it or hate it, but money makes the world go round every day!

45) Anything is possible if I believe that it can happen.

46 ) The universe rewards those who are positive all the time.

47 ) Money is a great thing to have but I love my family more than anything else in the world.

48) My friends know that money isn’t everything so they keep me grounded and humble at all times.

49) Good leadership skills help achieve business goals faster.

50) All of my bills are paid off every month, so no worries for me!

51) Prosperity is already on its way because…(write down your reason here).

52 ) The universe loves to reward those who follow their dreams.

53 ) I deserve wealth in life because…. (write down your reason here).

54 ) Life keeps getting better because…

55 ) It’s easy for me to make wise decisions such as saving, spending wisely etc.

56) I love sharing my wealth with others because…(write down your reason here).

57) The more money I invest into the stock market, the higher my income will be.

58 ) There’s no point going into debt when cash in hand works just fine!

59 ) What goes around comes around so that’s why good things happen to me all the time!

60 ) If you surround yourself with positive people, it radiates positivity to everyone else.

61) In order for anything to grow or prosper , we need to water every inch of it.

62) Money is like an ATM machine- you put in good thoughts and out comes money too!

63) A smile on my face gives me more energy and confidence than ever before !

64) I want to be a respected leader

65 ) I love making wise investments because…(write down your reason here).

66) Passion makes the world go round everyday!

67) I have no debt!

68 )Financial well-being is my new reality.

69) It’s easy for me to make wise decisions such as saving, spending wisely etc.

70 ) If you surround yourself with positive people, it radiates positivity to everyone else .

71 ) If you love money, it will run away from you but if you love yourself, prosperity will find its way to you.

72) When I treat people the way that they like to be treated, it makes them want to work harder for me.

73) A smile on my face gives me more energy and confidence than ever before !

74 ) I am grateful for the wealth that is inside of me.

75 ) There’s no point going into debt when cash in hand works just fine!

76) The universe rewards those who are positive all the time.

77) Good leadership skills help achieve business goals faster.

77) Money is a great thing to have but I love my family more than anything else in the world.

78a) I’m not going into debt anymore so that’s why wealth is being attracted into my life!

79 ) It is safe to be wealthy.

80) It’s easy for me to make wise decisions such as saving, spending wisely etc.

81) If you surround yourself with positive people, it radiates positivity to everyone else .

82 ) I’m worth of money.

83 ) Technology puts wealth at our fingertips!

84 )Wealth is my priority.

84) I will be wealthy soon

85 ) The more money I send out into the world, the more cash comes back to me.

86) I enjoy money.

87 ) Money is my servant.

88 ) I spend my money wisely.

89 ) People benefit from my wealth!

90) I earn more money every day.

91 ) Wealth finds me fast.

92) Every dollar I spend comes back to me in double!

93) I attract money even when I’m sleeping.

94 ) I use my money to make the world better.

94a) Money is a great thing to have but I love my family more than anything else in the world.

95 ) Money comes easily, frequently, and abundantly!

96) I’m a money magnet.

98 ) I am abundant, rich, wealthy, deserving, worthy.

99 ) Money is my energy.

100) I will count lots of money in the future that belongs to me.

What are Money Mantras?

Money mantras are extremely powerful affirmations that help attract wealth into your life. The reason why they’re so effective is because while you speak them aloud or in your head, you send a huge amount of mental energy (your thoughts) to the universe!

10 Examples of Money Mantras

1) I love money and money loves me too.

2) Money is the easiest thing to make in life.

3) I love myself because prosperity will find its way to me!

4) In order for anything to grow or prosper, we need to water every inch of it.

5) The more cash I send out into the world, the more cash comes back to me.

6 ) It’s easy for me to make wise decisions such as saving, spending wisely etc.

7) If you surround yourself with positive people, it radiates positivity to everyone else.

8 ) Good leadership skills help achieve business goals faster.

9) If you love money, it will run away from you but if you love yourself, prosperity will find its way to you.

10) The best relationships are based on unconditional love and trust.

Money Mantras to Stop Emotional Spending

When you’re in a shop trying to buying something, be conscious. Ask yourself if you really need that item or not. Don’t just think about being happy by purchasing it because as soon as your financial situation gets worse, you’ll realize all those money mantras were for nothing.

If I have a problem and I’m stressed out, there’s no way that I would ever rely on affirmations alone even though they are great.

What to say to yourself to stop emotional spending?

1) I don’t spend money on items that I don’t really need.

2) Money is the easiest thing to make in life.

3) When times are tough, I’ll look for ways to earn more money such as new part-time jobs, etc.

4) It’s easy for me to make wise decisions such as saving, spending wisely, etc.

5) Now that I’m broke (depressed), there’s no way I’d ever go back to my old lifestyle .

6 ) I have a deep understanding of money power.

But Can I Really Be a Money Magnet?

Absolutely! We all have the ability to make massive amounts of money. If you really want to be rich and attract wealth into your life, be persistent. Don’t give up. Write your own affirmations that are tailored specifically for your situation.

Say your daily affirmations, meditate, and follow other tips mentioned here in the article. Don’t expect to get rich the next day. It may take some time but you also have to work towards it. Be kind to yourself, be kind and humble to others, and respect yourself and others too!