Dream of Finding Money in Dirt

Dreams about finding money often symbolize good fortune. After all, what could be luckier than stumbling across a stack of cash? However, the location of the money can also be significant. Dreams about finding money in the dirt may suggest that you will have to work hard for your windfall. Alternatively, this type of dream … Read more

Dream of Being Robbed of Money

If you dream that you have been robbed, it could symbolize feelings of insecurity or vulnerability. Perhaps you are feeling like someone has taken advantage of you, or that you are lacking in resources. Alternatively, the dream could be a reflection of your own materialistic tendencies. Are you fixated on money and possessions? Do you … Read more

Dreams About Gold: 70 Gold Dreams & Meanings

To dream about gold denotes that you will be generally prosperous, for this metal was held in high esteem by the ancients as indicative of riches and power. Dreams About Gold – What Does it Mean Dreaming of golden clothing Dreaming of golden clothing is favorable to all persons whether gentlemen or ladies. Such dreams … Read more

Dream of Treasure Meaning

When you dream of treasure, your subconscious is telling you that there are valuable things in your life. Rather than focusing on material wealth, be grateful for everything you have – the fact that you can do something as simple as dreaming is a gift from your higher self. The overall meaning depends on how … Read more

Dream of 100 Dollar Bills Meaning

Some say it means you will have good fortune and others that you are rubbing elbows with the rich. What does it mean to dream of 100 dollar bills? The short answer is nothing, but the long answer requires a little more explanation. According to myth, having a dream about dollar bills can relate to … Read more

Dream of a Purse with Money Inside

A dream about a purse speaks of financial security and success. You will be able to weather hard times, loss, or any other unexpected event which was brought on by people who care little about your welfare. It is possible that an inheritance may come in the near future or that you were given an … Read more

Dream About Being Rich

Dreams about being rich can be interpreted on two levels, the first one is in its literal form and it’s mostly an indication of your social standing. The richness of dreams’ imagery will depend on the person who dreams about it – for example a poor man might dream about getting his hands on a … Read more

Dream of 5 Dollar Bills

Dreaming of money can be interpreted in many ways. This dream might mean that you are striving for financial goals, or it could indicate that you feel wealthy in other areas of your life but need to work on emotional wealth. You might also have a lot of love coming into your life and you’re … Read more

Dream of Losing Money

Here is my dream of losing money. At the beginning of my dream, I was in a long empty hallway, and walking toward me were at least 25 people who looked like they were dressed for church or some other formal event. When I first saw them approaching, I thought that maybe there had been … Read more