Dream of Giving Money to Poor People

The dream about giving money to the poor suggests that you have a generous soul. You don’t mind spending your hard-earned cash on others, especially those who need help the most. I believe this is an encouraging sign because it tells me to keep up with the good work I’m doing for my family and … Read more

Dreaming of Coins: 62 Coin Dreams & Meanings

Dreaming of coins refers to a dream in which the subject dreams of seeing or using money. It is considered generally positive, as it signifies that the dreamer will receive some sort of money from an unknown source and not have to work for it. Dreaming of Coins – the Overview Myths and Facts: There … Read more

Dead Relative Asking for Money in Dream

If you see a dream of a dead relative asking for money, it is likely that you need to be more aware of your monetary situation. It’s time to review the fees on your credit cards or loans and have an idea of how much you can spend in the next few months, and where … Read more

Dream of Money Stolen from Your Wallet

The ability to know what a dream means on its own is an important skill of interpreting dreams. This knowledge can be used during the interpretation process, and in some cases, knowing the meaning beforehand can help with connecting to the dream. The more you write about your dreams and connect them to previous events … Read more

84 Money Myths People Still Believe

A money myth is a piece of information that a person believes about finances and money. A money myth may be true or untrue, like any other type of misinformation. The most common examples are myths about how to obtain more wealth – the so-called get rich quick schemes. These include chasing lottery tickets, running … Read more

Money Affirmations that Work Fast

Money is a powerful tool. In the hands of people who know how to use it, it can do much for you in life. If you’re not using money properly, then money will work against you. The best way to describe this force is like a magnet: if one pole of the magnet is turned … Read more

Dream About Counting Money

What does it mean when you dream about counting money? To people who have little or no knowledge of dreams, this question is very easy to answer. Counting money in your dream means ‘you are going to be wealthy soon’. But for some ‘money experts’, they claim that counting money is not an auspicious dream … Read more

Dream of Receiving Money

To see money in a dream, foretells that you will do well for yourself, and others will benefit through your efforts. To be without it and find it upon awakening, denotes heavy losses. If you handle it with ease and prosperity comes to you from those who have not prospered before this time, expect unusual … Read more

How to Use Law of Attraction for Money

There are two reasons why someone would want to use the law of attraction for money. They either want to attract more money into their life (to expand their business or living standards, etc.) or they want to break free from financial difficulties and debts. Now if you either do not have any debt or … Read more

How to Attract Money Into Your Life

It is not about how to get more money. It’s about HOW you can attract what you want, in life. Take charge of your life and be a creator! You are the only one who can create change in your life by changing how and what you think! How to Attract Money – the Overview … Read more