Dream of Winning Money: What it Means

A dream about winning money is a common and positive dream. It could be wish fulfillment, or the desire for more material things in your life. Some people may also see it as a metaphor for other situations in their lives, where they feel as though they are getting something they deserve. The good news … Read more

Dream of Giving Money to Someone

You dream of giving money to someone when you spend a lot, and your hard-earned savings are not enough to get by. You can make some changes in order to avoid this unpleasant situation in real life. You always want to help those who are less fortunate than yourself, but it is important that you … Read more

Dream About Money Notes

With dreams about banknotes, you can not only claim that luck is on your side, but also act accordingly. Expect a lot of sales and increases in income! If otherwise there are too many ‘dead’ cash bills in the dream, this can be a warning sign that you should soon make some financial investments. Perhaps … Read more

Dream of Finding Money

You find money in your dreams for many reasons. The interpretation of the dream is varied, but usually, it is a sign that you are going to receive some form of prosperity or windfall from an outside source. This could apply to your income as well as other areas of your life. If you find … Read more

Biblical Meaning of Receiving Money in a Dream

I had several dreams about receiving money and each time it occurred, I felt that the money was given to me because someone or some entity wanted to give me something back. The first two times I received money in my dreams there was nothing more than the feeling that I received something which was … Read more

Manifesting Money: How to Manifest Money Fast

The law of attraction is the power by which thoughts and feelings are brought into form. Thoughts have been called things before they manifest in our physical reality. It’s required that you be a living being, and able to receive this universal power. This ascension into higher frequencies will take place when we allow it … Read more