Make better decisions with your money.

The Birdy is a simple, flexible money tracker that helps you monitor your daily spending, expenses and more. Learn what you're spending the most on, without sharing any of your banking info.

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"If you find typical financial software too tedious, give The Birdy a try... It's a great app."

"A really accurate way to know how you are spending your money, and cut any bad habits short."

"You'll feel relief with the Birdy, the dead simple money tracking system that doesn't get in your way."

Victor Espigares from Granada, Spain

"Most of us associate financial matters with trepidation and anxiety, but the Birdy manages to make it so simple and innocent, it's almost fun!"

Keerthi from Illinois, US

"I now love you."

Rick Griswold from Michigan, US

"Absolutely brilliant and so easy to use! Why did nobody tell me about this before?"

Mary from Paris, France

Track what you want

... and how you want. Reply to one email a day, or set up text reminders. Text, email or tweet your purchases throughout the day. Add custom #tags to track your purchases by category.

Take control

Watch your spending with our simple-to-read dashboard. No math! See where you can save, cut back, or cut loose with your money! Friendly reminders help you stay on track.

Quick & Secure

Signing up only takes a few seconds, and we never ask you for your bank accounts or passwords. And we promise not to share your personal information with anyone.

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